Gita Cahyani

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8 Agustus 2022, Gita Cahyani C201 19 066-Mahasiswa Prodi S1 Manajemen, pemenang IISMA 2022 yang akan berangkat ke Republik Ceko.

My name is Gita Cahyani, Management Student at Universitas Tadulako bath 2019. The first time I heard about IISMA was from my senior high school friend and one of my senior high school seniors got this scholarship because that made me do research about IISMA.

During the first stage of selection, I used the Duolingo English test, then attached a transcript of grades from semesters 1–5, wrote an essay, and uploaded several additional documents. There were around 7,501 applicants. A few weeks after the first stage of selection was closed, I took Tes Wawasan Kebangsaan, and a few days after that, the announcements for those that passed the first stage out and on the IISMA portal were asked to fill out a CV. Then there was an interview schedule for the second selection, which was in full English and the duration was approx. 30 minutes. After that, I waited a few weeks for the final announcement and there were around 1,155 students.

Quote: “A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Warm Regards-Gita cahyani

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